Beijing Leader Group is a diversified large-scale professional enterprise specialized on developing and producing automatic fire alarm system, with comprehensive development and production capacities.
    At present, this group owns seven specialized corporations and one investment corporation, covering fire alarm control system, gas fire-extinguishing system, electrical fire alarm system, city fire protection network system, fire protection engineering design and installation construction, etc. Meanwhile, Leader Group possesses a powerful selling network, and sets more than 120 offices across the country to provide customers with comprehensive solutions at any time. Where there are products of Leader, there are prompt and hospitable services from Leader personnel. Taking customers into consideration for everything and everyone being serving “God” (refers to customers) are the enterprise tenets Leader Group preserves from beginning to end. 
    Beijing Leader Haixin Gas Fire Extinguishing System Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in production of products like automatic gas fire extinguishing system for fire protection. It mainly goes in for development, production, and sale of such products as HFC-227ea gas extinguishing system, Cabinet HFC-227ea gas extinguishing device, (mobile) suspension-type gas extinguishing device, mixed gas (IG-541) fire extinguishing system, high pressure carbon dioxide extinguishing system, extinguishing equipment with fire detection tube, pressure relief opening of protective zone of gas extinguishing system (automatic pressure relief device) and design and installation guide of systems engineering.
    All the above products have passed tests conducted by China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-fighting Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components (CNCF), conforming to requirements of relevant national standards. Automatic pressure relief devices produced by this company are with multiple types and complete specifications, and have obtained 2 appearance patents and 6 utility model patents. The company obtained a certificate of high-tech enterprise on December 24, 2010.
      The HFC-227ea and relevant gas extinguishing agent cylinder valve produced by the company adopt a structure with dual-sealed pressure differential which really is with double insurance and fills the domestic blank. The extinguishing agent cylinder valve and priming valve are designed reasonably in structure, and are especially characterized by well vibration-proof and self- leakproofness. The fire extinguishing system could not only apply to motionless places, but also to mobile transport vehicles. That overcomes major quality problem, that is, lever-type and diaphragm valves slowly leak, due to they are used for a long time, and then their components are easy to be fatigue and stretched under the action of forces too long as well as sealing materials lose elasticity and then distort. Adopting stainless steel start-up line could make installation easy and rapid, as well as save installation time and cost more than 4 times.
Our company could provide designing institutes, fire protection engineering companies, and users with technology consulting, design, and installation of gas fire-extinguishing systems free at any time. Welcome to visit the official website of Beijing Leader Haixin Gas Fire Extinguishing System Equipment Co., Ltd.: